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Winners Announced!!

DIVAS VS. DUDES RESULTS!!! We had over 400 kids participate in the challenge and 155 kids logged their miles. They racked up 1438.41 miles combined!!! So you ready to know who rules the road???? It’s the DUDES!! Congrats Dudes! I even tried to play fair and take out the top 5 mileages from the girls and the boys and there were actually GIRLS with more miles than BOYS!
Divas total: 868.4
Dudes total: 1073.35

Because the Dudes won, we picked two boys for our top prizes of INKnBURN and MERRELL….. But we gave away prizes from Fresh Feet Wipes & FuelBelt, Bondi Band and SPIbeltto both girls and guys!!! Here are the winners – Congrats everyone – How AWESOME that your kids put in that kind of mileage!!!!INKnBURN Kids Shirt: Declan Kuipers
Merrell Boys Shoes: Xander Lockard
Fresh Feet Wipes & Palm Holder: Henry Hradek
BondiBand Boys: Evan LaChance
SpiBelt Boys: Cooper LyonFresh Feet Wipes & Palm Holder: Bella Dunn
Bondi Band Girls: Alexandra NcNamee
SpiBelt Girls: Bella McCullough

We are also giving away a special “Pep in your Step” donation to one tough little dude undergoing some surgeries for NF2. His mom is an amazing running mom and chapter leader and after a series of just total bummer events we felt she could use a little pick me up for her and her son! Boost and love to Tammy Poucher and her son Jacob!

While the challenge is over – we will try to do different challenges throughout the year to keep those kids motivated!!

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