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Kids RUN This Town - Kids Running WebsiteWe took care of the Moms with Moms RUN This Town – but I knew it wouldn’t be long before kids were asking to join. I was one step ahead of them though and had already purchased the domain name for Kids RUN This Town. I had NO clue what I was going to do with it – and honestly, it’s going to be a “see as I go” thing… but the groundwork is there!

Right now we have the website soft launched with some links to our favorite companies that also offer kids gear, a page for our first “virtual” event for the kids, and links to kid-friendly running programs and clubs around the country.  As of now we don’t have any intention of making Kids RUN This Town a program with a physical location (like the chapters of Moms RUN This Town).  Instead, KRTT will be a virtual club for kids to join free of charge to give them motivation and incentives for getting out there to run or walk.

There is no form to fill out – just say you want to be a member of KRTT and BOOM it’s done :)   We will offer some KRTT logo gear for kids that want to show the world they belong to the coolest-free virtual club around and who knows – we may even form some contests about wearing a KRTT shirt during races!

I plan to offer giveaways and tips along the way – and for now I’ll announce on the MRTT Facebook page when there is something big going on so no one misses it :)

In the future I have plans to start a “Kickin’ Kids” program to provide kids going through rough patches a little boost.  The “Divas vs. Dudes” Virtual Challenge will be the first fundraiser for the “Kickin’ Kids” program and we hope to grow this tremendously over the next year.

Please bear with us as we grow the site together…. and if you have any suggestions or feedback we ALWAYS welcome that!!  Just email me at

I look forward to seeing where KRTT goes!!