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November Challenge: Run Turkey RUN!

Mr. Turkey can’t run and escape the Thanksgiving table without his feathers!!  The month of November you will have to “earn” the feathers to save good ole Mr. Turkey.  Print out THIS PICTURE and cut out the turkey and his feathers.  You can earn a feather for each time you run.  Once you have earned and glued on all the feathers – take a picture next to your turkey and have your parents email it to  We will pick one winner at random for a Thanksgiving surprise!  Happy Running!

October Challenge: Divas vs. Dudes Virtual

See who will RUN the road… will it be the Girls? Or will it be the Boys?  Sign up, log your miles for the month and we will find out for the chance to win PRIZES!!! Check out the Divas vs. Dudes Virtual page for more information!
Download our handy Running Log by clicking here!

September Challenge: Run Your Age

Take your age in years and run that in miles in a month’s time frame!!  If you are 7 years old – run 7 miles in a month!  If you are 5 – run 5 miles!  Download our handy Running Log by clicking here!

More challenges coming soon!!! Check back often!