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Should Kids Run Long?

I’m often asked if it’s “ok” if their kids run.  Short answer: I have NO idea!

I’ve heard so much controversy on how often or how much their children should run… so my best answer is ask your kiddo’s doc and do what seems right for your child.  I know – that’s kinda a cop out answer, but at the same time – I think a lot of factors play into it.  If your child is overweight, while it’s good for them to exercise – it’s also more weight on the joints.  It may be best to start healthy eating habits first before starting something like running.  But again – I’m no doc.  I did let my 2 year old participate in a 200meter dash… and that’s about all she could handle.  So just pay attention to their bodies – start with running on a track so they are never too far from the car and you can learn what distances they can handle and for how long.  If they get tired – it’s much easier to walk the rest of the track then have to run 2 miles back home…

Here is an interesting article from the June 2011 issue of Running Times Magazine on kids and running: CLICK HERE

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    Great article!